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Fitness Girl running at sunset in forest
Fitness Girl running at sunset in forest

In this life, we have only two directions to go. Either, we move towards health or closer to death. If living a long life is a high priority, taking care of your body is a must.
Healthy living enables you to taste and experience life to its fullest. Wouldn’t you given the chance, embrace the opportunity to participate in enjoyable and fun activities without hindrance? Realizing that obtaining optimum health is not just a magical click of your fingers is important. It requires effort, perseverance and determination. Now, are you as healthy as you think you are?

Did you know, that walking for just 30 minutes a day can significantly prolong your life? This is a form of exercise which we often overlook. Though this is such a common notion, many people still fail to notice and consider exercise as a waste of time.

In pursuit of a healthy body, you don’t have to rush. You can start with simple, yet high value physical activities that won’t overstress your body and lead to a negative outcome. Exercise can slot into your daily routine. Start by paying attention to this routine. Are you going to the grocery store and it’s still early in the day? Walk if possible. Does your workplace have bike storage facilities, so that you can ride to work instead of taking the car or using public transport? If you have to rely on public transport, jog on the spot, while waiting for your bus or train. Find creative ways of adding exercise to your day. A little extra effort won’t cost you but yet ideas so simple get taken for granted.

Do the same in your work day. Do you have a job that requires you to be stationery for long periods of time, or provides limited opportunity for movement? This can be overcome, by choosing cardio related activities, such as climbing the stairs when you get a chance over using the lift. Take the longer walk over the shorter one, when you go to get your lunch. Park your car further from your workplace so you get a longer walk and more difficult route, such as one with a hill.

You may believe, you’re healthier and stronger than Superman, but exercising in your daily life is still essential. All groups of people can benefit from exercise including the elderly, disabled, or infirmed. Exercise is crucial for our physical and emotional wellbeing! Research shows that the heart is strengthened through improved blood circulation, therefore reducing risk of circulatory and cardiovascular disease. Breathing is deepened and more efficient. The mind is assisted with guarding against depression and anxiety related illnesses. Your immune system is strengthened; Exercise influences weight loss and fights diseases such as diabetes and osteoporosis. The overall benefits cannot be emphasised enough.

So ultimately, Even if you are squeezed in your busy schedule, take a disciplined approach and set in place an exercise plan. To obtain or maintain a healthy and fit body, have clear objectives and goals. You are surely walking towards a healthier life, not the opposite direction, a point of no return. Only you can choose the place you want to go.

If you have already embarked on the journey towards better health and have experienced the benefits of having simple exercise routines, still consider support in reaching your optimum state. Link up with a personal coach who can assist and introduce you to a fabulous world of health, balance and harmony.

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